Saturday, January 30, 2010

Made it to "Year 10"

Well my Matthew has actually made it to Year 10.

We have actually called this year "The Year of the Matthew" as he really needs to get his act together and put some application and effort into his studies this year. He truly needs to know that it's not enough to just scrap through.

Throughout the past year he has gotten so tall. Yep! It looks like "Mother Darling" will be the shortest in the family once again! LOL!

He also started his first job at North MacDonalds here in Goulburn. The very first training shift we all went out to collect him. He walked out with his uniform on. Tears were in my eyes! Goodness me, one of my babies is growing up! One of those sad but happy moments in life.

He is a typical teenage boy............just crusin' along and doing his own thing! We love him all the same.

Have a great year buddy, especially for your own benefit for a prosperous future!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sacrifice of the Moon!

What a beautiful evening! I looked up at the Moon and it just looked gorgeous. So as any practicing photographer does I went and got the camera for a quick bit of playtime!

Camera settings in auto mode...........................

Camera settings in manual................................ LOL! f1.8 2 ISO 100

Still a long way to go........................................

Where has my baby gone!

My baby has started high school today! I'm happy and sad. Where has the time gone? What a long day it has been. Had to drag out 6 hours without my daughter.

Thank goodness I managed to fill my time with some photography practice and surfin' "Clickinmoms" and every other photography site and blog on the net.

Our little girl went off to high school. The morning started off good, but a couple of little words (supposed to be of humour) from the big brother resulted in tears! Men! Yep as a female she over reacted.

Anyway we got to drop her off - no kisses for Mum or Dad, no goodbye, see ya! Nothing except a smile while she headed off into the school grounds! So I was happy with that for the day.

3.00 pm time to collect the baby child from school. Arrive early and wait, hoping that she enjoyed her day.

Yep! There she is, smiling! Good start or so we thought! Our baby got into the car and complained about her school bag hurting her shoulder. And as mother does, make a comment on her choice of school bag - there it was.............tears!


Then nothing! All I wanted to do was hear about her wonderful first day at high school. Got home and she ended up in her bedroom for the afternoon. She is just starting to speak to me. But unfortunately not about her day. Maybe later!

Little girls - ARE MOODY! Even if they are your baby. LOL!


How terrible! Almost twelve months since I have posted anything!

Man I must have been busy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

We have usually spent Australia Day down the coast, but this year we spent it at home in Goulburn.

We spent it with friends, altogether at Victoria Park where the celebrations were happening for Goulburn.

The Cook family was fortunate enough to be apart of the awards ceremony as a very good friend of ours was up for award as she had organised as a fundraising event for Goulburn District Hospital. Jodie organised a "Dancing with the Starz" night here a good few months ago. Troy was the MC for the function. A huge success of course!

So this event was nominated as Goulburn's event of the year! Go Jodie!

Troy and Jodie Divall after the awards ceremony.

Today we also participated in Goulburn's "Amazing Race" (around Victoria Park) in the hotest part of the day! Thank goodness we had the kids to help us out with answering the questions. My strongest input for our team was that I organised 16 cards into numerical order!

The Cookstars fortunately for the fourth team to finish, but wasn't successful in getting enough points to win a prize! Oh well, it was fun (I think).

The afternoon was finished off with the traditional thong throwing, participated by the children of course whilst the adults supervised.

Zoe Divall in action......

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yeah, It's My Birthday!

Wooo Hoo!

It's my birthday! Not that I am truly excited about the age I have become today. Major depressing moment!

Fortunately this week I have had the pleasure of seeing my daughter in a truly "angelic light". Yes I do mean that.

Far out! I have asked her quite frequently.... "where is my real daughter? What have you done with her?"

Amy-Jane has been a treasure. Over the weekend, for my birthday she has swept, mopped, cleaned sliding doors, hung washing, taken washing off, folded the washing, put the washing away, amused herself (with of course the claytons daughter in tow - Holly).

Who is this girl? Where did she come from?

Well we didn't get up to much for my birthday, but it was still a great birthday in any case. One thing we did do (girls of course - AJ, Holly and Me) was to go to the movies and see "Bride Wars". Not a bad chick flick!

Anyway, I was grateful to catch up with my father at Taralga for lunch. The first pub their has absolutely great meals in a matter of a flash.

Happy birthday to me!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Wedding Anniversary - 16 Years

Well! Who would thought that Troy and I would have made 16 years!

What 16 years we have had. Definately ups and downs. But we have made it this far.

After 16 years of marriage I felt quite comfortable in being asked by the husband "Do you think it would be alright if I go fishing over the weekend of our wedding anniversary and your birthday?"

Who cares! I thought. But realistically, it doesn't matter where he or I am, does it? It is just to know that we are both thinking of each other. Knowning that we have spent all these year together. Truly through good times and absolutely horrible times.

So a weekend away fishing with his mates, is just another weekend that we will truly give thanks for each other and what we have achieved and gotten through. And not to mention what else God has planned for us to overcome.

Well, after 16 years of marriage Troy, I am truly surprised and grateful that we have made it this far. Obviously with more attributing times ahead, especially with teenages growing under our wings.

Happy Anniversary honey!

Don't come back unless you have a bountiful basket of fresh fish!